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The TIFONE Electrostatic Charge E±S4 transmits an intense electrostatic positive (+) charge to the mist droplets emitted by the Spray Cannon.
The electro positive (+) charged mist droplets are attracted by any part connected to the negative ground (-) such as trees,
hedges or any vegetable plants, buildings etc.
This droplet attraction phenomenon produces anti-parasite treatment of a highly professional standard, providing the user with important advantages:
- Treatment includes surfaces not directly exposed to the cannon jet (15 to 25% of additional surface coverage)
- Reduction of air drift losses (from 20 to 30%)
- Reduction of on-ground dripping (from 15 to 25%).
It goes without saying that the above-stated dispersal savings are transferred to treated surfaces and can be capitalised on simply by:
- Reducing the delivery rate of the cannon/sprayer.
- Increasing machine travel speed.

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